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In Focus: Southeast Asia’s E-commerce: Winning the Next Wave of Shoppers
Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is flourishing like never before.
There were 222 million e-commerce users in Southeast Asia in 2020. By 2025, that number is expected to reach 411 million, an 85% growth rate.

This rapid boom is attributed to new and emerging shopping trends, massive growth in the digital payments sector, tech innovations, and government initiatives that are creating exciting opportunities for online retailers looking to expand their reach.

But great opportunities come with challenges too!
Meeting customer expectations like express deliveries, same-day deliveries, and on-demand fulfillment in 30 minutes is not easy, especially in a country like Indonesia which is spread across 17,000 islands.

Join Malay Shah, SVP - India, ME/ROW, SEA, Locus, and Albert Koto Head of Mitra Supply Chain, Bukalapak for the upcoming episode of In Focus, where these industry experts will discuss the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in Southeast Asia’s e-commerce space and will share actionable insights on making last-mile deliveries successful amidst the unique odds in the region.


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